What We Do


The Data Dilemma

Clinical trials, while essential to the approval of new therapies and interventions, provide only brief, limited snapshots of disease activity and treatment effects, using strictly controlled patient populations. In addition, medication usage and disease stability metrics are not readily available to the patient or care providers, thereby, limiting the shared decision-making process common in treatment today.

The Squint MetricsTM Solution

To overcome these current limitations, Squint MetricsTM uses proprietary technology to collect long-term, validated real-world data on chronic diseases across large populations. The number of data points we can capture using these platforms far exceeds the amount of information that can be collected from clinical trials or in office.


The Power of PROs

Traditional research studies often lack patient-reported outcomes, or PROs, which provide valuable insight regarding the quality of life of patients, disease progression, and treatment success. PROs can therefore provide a 360-degree view of a disease – information that has never before been available to researchers or clinicians. Analysis of large datasets can help uncover new data about chronic diseases – potentially resulting in a better understanding of the disease and the development of new therapies.