Our Challenge

Overative bladder is a condition believed to affect 30% of American women, causing a severe detriment to overall quality of life. Squint partnered with InterPRO Urology and reknown urogynecologists to study common problems idenfitied during the treatment process of overactive bladder and its syptoms and device a solution to address both patient difficulties and health care provider concerns.

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Our Solution

Blad.dr is the 5th evolution of the Squint PRO Health platform, developed specifically to address issues faced in the treatment of overactive bladder:

  • Simple 24-hour diary collection modules that make tracking symptoms easy and let you know when is the right time to do a 24-hour diary to reduce diary fatigue

  • Validated instruments to clinically show symptom and quality of life changes over time

  • A bathroom finder that tracks all bathrooms in the world

  • Exercise and training support to increase retention

  • Clear and concise reporting for both the patient and the health care provider

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