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At Squint we strive to deliver creative and focused digital solutions for a wide range of clients. From traditionally healthcare beginnings to consumer needs, our varied products range from supporting patient quality of life and treatment research to increasing both corporate and end-user success.

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Squint is an international, client-centric boutique development shop providing customers with high quality service and strategic solutions for business needs and products with a focus on user experience and retention.

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Featured ProductTake Control of Your Event Management

The Squint Events Platform allows small and mid-size marketing teams to fully manage their online and live events in-house with a CRM and website integrated SaaS solution. See the full case study.

Featured Product bladdr Reimagining
Overactive Bladder Treatment

Blad.drTM, our latest product, developed in partnership with top Urogynecologists, to aid and support millions of women suffering from overactive bladder symptoms. See the full case study.

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