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People today manage their lives, and health, with more control than ever before. Behaviors have evolved to a point where technology fosters expectations—but the healthcare industry has yet to fully capitalize on these opportunities.

Squint Metrics is the data-obsessed company working to change that. This obsession manifests in everything we do for clients, healthcare professionals, patients, and the industry.

Data generation
Our proprietary technology collects longitudinal, real-world evidence in chronic disease across large populations. With actionable results, including patient-reported outcome measures, Squint provides stakeholders with a more complete view of chronic disease intervention.

Communication services
Our algorithmic-targeting methodologies are proven to deliver meaningful and relevant information to audiences at an individual level.

Expert Partnerships

We work with clinical research leaders in chronic disease to create validated metrics.

Intuitive Technology

Our healthcare technology engages users on familiar, convenient platforms.

Secure Communications

All data are stored and transmitted in accordance with HIPAA, DPD and GDPR requirements.


Gut Check®
Gathering evidence in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

In Gut Check®, patients record daily symptoms, track patient-reported outcomes, monitor treatment progress, and more.

HCPs have automatic access to their patients' data, as well as Gut Check® population data, to run in-depth analyses and comparisons.

With access to all this data, patients and their HCPs can make more informed, shared decisions about IBD care.

MS Care ConnectTM
Bringing clarity to multiple sclerosis (MS)

In addition to daily symptoms, patient-reported outcomes, and treatment progress, patients who use MS Care Connect also monitor their physical and cognitive functioning.

As with Gut Check®, patients and their HCPs have access to individual data and MS Care Connect population data.

In this unpredictable disease, MS Care Connect aims to provide new insights and answers.


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