Our Challenge

Our clients were faced with a tremendous challenge to keep up with the marketing requests for in-person and virtual customer and internal events. Customers who want more control of their event lists, registration, and invite management beyond what is offered by event coordinators are forced to spend significant costs and man hours developing these resources. Squint noticed a significant amount of work that was being redone for each event. The cost was not only monetary. Employee frustration and missed deadlines for communications were rampant.

Our Solution

The Squint Events Platform. As SaaS platform tied directly the the customer’s public facing website and their marketing automation platform. Built upon the Acoustic CRM platform, this fully decoupled API system allows for event creation, web registration, a full suite of email communications, reporting, and event management– all without the requirement of a design of develepment staff.

  • Automatic invite lists based on customer interests or locations

  • Admin dashboard with rich-text editor and image upload options

  • 1-click registration for events (once the customer joins the program)

  • Location, time, and dietary preference options

  • Different templates for branding/campaigns

  • Automated reminder and follow-up emails

  • Zoom integration for fully-managed virtual events (no 3rd-party)

  • Asset repository for event prep downloads

  • Real-time attendance reporting and management

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